Waste and what it means

aplogowI received a flyer through my letterbox from an independent candidate for Dublin Central, Cieran Perry. His main plank is government waste, and how the wasted money could have been spent. I don’t have the time to check his figures at the moment, but it’s an interesting general point.

He gives two examples.

Example 1

This Government has wasted €200 million by overspending on the PPARs computer system for the Health Service. Cieran PERRY says we could have all of the following for that sum of money:

  • 300 extra residential beds
  • 50% increase in dental services
  • 4000 extra operations from national treatment purchase fund
  • 30 new inspectors for Nursing Homes
  • additional respite care funding

as well as extra funding for new ambulances, Gardai in A&E at weekends, rehabilitation care etc…

Example 2

This Government has allowed a €250 million overspend on the Port Tunnel. We could have all of the following for that money:

  • 500 new “Affordable” Houses
  • 15 new children’s playgrounds
  • 200 new public transport buses
  • 5 new sports/recreational centres & pools.
  • 6 fire engines

as well as additional funding for senior citizen complexes, new school & litter wardens, waste recycling projects, etc…

We hear a lot about Government waste, and indeed there has been a mountain of it, but it’s good to read about it in concrete terms.

I hadn’t heard the idea about Gardaí in A&E at weekends. Maybe the army Rangers should be called in. We’ve come to this…

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  1. Cieran Perry

    Thanks for the mention on your blog!!!
    The figures I use in my leaflet are all taken from the Governments own publications and documents.
    The examples I used were to highlight some of the waste but unfortunately there are numerous other examples I could have used.

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