Powermaster ReCyclone: too good to be true?

PowerMaster RecycloneThe ReCyclone works by grinding trash into small pieces, thereby reducing landfill space up to 97 percent.

Trash compacted by the ReCyclone can be used to create energy or compost material—organic waste becomes diesel fuel, and plastic becomes oil. The machine can grind up any piece of waste ranging from 20 microns to 12 inches.

For some perspective, the ReCyclone can get more gold out of electronic devices than from a gold mine (one metric ton of circuit boards contains between 80 and 1,500 grams of gold, which is 40 to 800 times the concentration of gold available in gold ore mined in the United States) and 1 kilogram of plastic recycled in the machine can yield 95 percent of 1 liter of diesel.

Powermaster Recylone

(via CleanTechnica)

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  1. Rosemarie

    What a wonderful idea, Philip

    I also heard of green solution to carbon in the atmosphere, from Michael McCarthy, a UK journalist, writing in The Independent, mentions burying carbon emisions underground.

    I myself have often wondered if radioactive waste could be contained in plastic and buried underground – to emerge as fuel in milennia to come

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