Culture? What culture? Gareth Murphy writes an open letter to Ministers Martin Cullen and Martin Mansergh

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  1. William wall says:

    Brilliant letter. I’ve spent a lot of time in France and have often wondered about that difference. I think this letter is a more than adequate explanation. Well done Philip, for posting it. As a europhile no-voter on Lisbon, I’d like to see a real debate before Lisbon 2 – not just about politics but about culture, human rights, social democracy, direction. If we start now we’ll be ahead of the posse when the time comes to vote again.

  2. Philip says:

    My sentiments exactly, William. Thanks for commenting.

  3. William wall says:

    You’re welcome, as always, Philip. I’ve put it up on my No Means No blog at
    I’m assuming an open letter is not copyright. I think that’s the meaning of the term. Do you have a contact for Gareth Murphy?
    (Ps, the maths is hard around here – i got that one wrong!)

  4. European Citizens’ Consultations
    on the Future of Europe 2009

    Dear Sir Casey,

    In the run-up to the 2009 Euro-elections, the European Citizens’ Consultations 2009 (ECC 2009) will give citizens a voice in the debate over how to respond to the current economic and financial crisis by providing a platform for a pan-European dialogue on the future of Europe. In May 2009, 150 citizens from all EU countries will present their recommendations for our social and economic future to European leaders and candidate Members of the European Parliament. You can help them in this challenging task.

    Engaging in the debate enables you to take part in ECC 2009 and get your voice heard. The website dedicated to the debate in Ireland is or People can post their comments and make recommendations for action, which will then be discussed at a series of national consultations – the Irish one will take place in March 2009 in Dublin – and at a European Citizens’ Summit in May 2009. The final recommendations will be presented to EU policy-makers on the eve of the European elections.

    There are two times in this project when your voice is particularly important:

    1. To generate ideas on the economic and social future of the European Union (December 2008 – March 2009): You can contribute to the debate on what the EU can do to shape our economic and social future, discuss the issues which are important to you with others, make concrete proposals and vote on proposals made by others. You can also mention the website dedicated to the consultation on your own site and help us promote the European Citizens’ Consultation.

    2. Debate the recommendations (April – May 09)
    The outcome of the European Citizens’ Consultations in all 27 Member States will be a list of recommendations from citizens on how Europe can shape our economic and social future. Comment on these results before they are handed over to European leaders!

    Media Contact for the National Forum on Europe :

    Camille Aubret

    0033 6 77 13 08 39
    aubretcamille at yahoo dot fr

  5. Oops stumbled on this a bit late. Belated answer: no my article is/was not copyrighted. All my ideas are open source!
    Best Regards,
    Gareth Murphy

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