aplogowAlternative Party is not a political party. Neither is it a party-goer’s site. Its title is more of a pun, while the intent of the site itself is serious. Its intent is to think aloud about issues concerning life in Ireland. It’s not an expert thinking aloud, but a person passionate about progressive politics and technologies which might improve people’s lives, who doesn’t otherwise have the time or energy to enter politics.

It’s been up for a number of years, and as I don’t have much time to attend to it, some entries may be out of date. However, the surprising new resistance in Ireland to austerity, focused on protest against the imposition of a disastrous Irish Water utility has given me an impetus to revive the site. See the UISCE entry.

Its underlying theme is what I’ve called holistic accounting. Younger friends tell me that that sounds hippy. Maybe so. Lots of interesting things were created by hippies, who were the driving force of the early, sharing internet. Holistic accounting takes into account the social and ecological cost of expenditure. There’s probably a much better term out there. Call it what you want. The flipside of that is a belief that if social and ecological issues are taken into account, the return on expenditure will be greater.

Anyway, it’s thinking aloud, and where better to make a fool of yourself, hopefully for the greater good, than on the web.

philipcaseyselfAs for me, I’m a writer. You can check out my websites at Philip Casey, eMaker Editions, Irish Writers Online, and Irish Culture.

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