No to Nuclear

Kudos where they are due: Ireland has joined with Norway, Iceland and Austria to campaign against the use of nuclear energy.
Liam Reid reports in The Irish Times (sub only)

Ireland has joined three northern European countries to launch an international campaign against the use of nuclear energy as a solution to climate change.

The group, which includes Norway, Iceland and Austria, has also called for an independent international safety review to be carried out on the controversial Thorp nuclear processing plant at Sellafield, which has been closed for nearly two years following the discovery of a large leak of nuclear waste.

Environment ministers of all four countries met in Dublin on Sunday and yesterday morning for talks amid a growing debate in Europe on the role of nuclear energy. In a joint statement yesterday they described nuclear energy as “economically and environmentally untenable”.

The statement said: “We voice serious concern that nuclear energy is being presented as a solution to climate change. It is our collective view that the current debate seeks to downplay the environmental, waste, proliferation, nuclear liability and safety issues and seeks to portray nuclear energy as a clean, safe and problem-free response to climate change”.

It said that the “inherent risks and problems” of nuclear energy remained.

see The Nuclear Illusion, at the Rocky Mountain Institute

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